Media Advisory: Public Alert on Scam IRAS Email

Media Advisory: Public Alert on Scam IRAS Email
by acefinancial

IRAS would like to alert the public that a scam email titled “Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore-Refund-Online-Confirmation” has been circulating. The email carries a message that the recipients are eligible to receive a tax refund and that they are to click on the link provided in the email to download and fill out the tax refund form.

Members of the public should not respond to this email or click on the link from the email. They are advised to delete it as soon as they have seen it and refrain from opening it. They should also scan their computers/mobile devices with anti-virus programmes.

This is a screenshot of the scam email for reference:

To protect themselves from scams, phishing and other online frauds, members of the public are advised to refer to IRAS’s advisory on scam & fraudulent activities.

Sourced:  Published by IRAS website on 12 Sep 2017

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