Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore

Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore

Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore – ACE Financial Accounting Pte. Ltd.

The need for corporate secretarial services Singapore is on the rise. The reason is that firms use such services to handle trivial office tasks. This allows them to focus on core business tasks. But, it is key to look for very good firms that will handle the official tasks. The reason is that some tasks need a high-quality job. One other reason is that firms need to work within the law while they work on some tasks.

Ace Financial Accounting PTE Ltd. – Who We Are

Ace Financial Accounting PTE Ltd (ACE for short) is a firm that provides a variety of services to businesses. The company has gained experience from operating for several years. More so, you will find the best hands for corporate secretarial services Singapore here. Thus, ACE offers quality and timely services to her clients. Such services range from corporate secretarial to audit services while others are accounting, human resource and many more.

Why You Need ACE

As stated above, firms need time to focus on core business tasks or functions. Thus, they need to hire us to help them handle other tasks. One of such tasks may need us to play the role of a corporate secretary Singapore.

Another reason why companies need our services is that our fee is relatively cheap. In this era, a lot of firms are looking for ways to cut cost. One way to do so is to outsource certain jobs to other firms. That way, the number of staff in your payroll will reduce. When you do this, you need ACE to offer you corporate secretarial services Singapore.

Our Company Secretary Singapore

The secretary of any firm has different functions even though it depends on the structure and size of the firm. Thus, our functions vary when firms hire us as company secretary Singapore. Also, the role we play or the tasks we do depend on the firm that hire us. You will find some of our roles and functions below.

Annual Company Law Compliance Function

We strive to be effective in our hired role and give our clients value for their money. Hence, to carry out this function in an effective way, we:

  • maintain statutory registers and minute books
  • prepare and file the annual returns
  • create and file the statutory forms, relating to changes in a company, at the ACRA
  • liaise with ACRA about pending applications
  • liaising with statutory auditors also

Meeting Advice and Help

When firms hire us for corporate secretarial services to play this role, we ensure we do the following tasks:

  • Act as a meeting/reporting secretary
  • Provides Notices of deadlines of annual general meetings
  • The drafting of resolutions of directors
  • Draft resolutions to approve the annual financial report
  • The drafting of agendas for shareholders meetings
  • Provide incidental advice at meetings
  • And also taking minutes

Share Capital Assistance

There are various functions to carry out as a share capital assistant. Below are a few such functions.

  • Share transfers
  • Sharing of allotments
  • Redemption of shares
  • Rectification of share registers
  • Related party transactions
  • Acquisitions and disposal of investments also

Emergency General Meetings

When emergency meetings are called, there are certain functions that must be handled by us. This is because firms hire us to render corporate services Singapore. Some of the services include:

  • Advising on requirements for Extraordinary General Meetings (“EGM”)
  • Preparing the notices of meetings for EGM
  • Organising agenda papers
  • Recording minutes of meetings
  • And also submitting documents and forms with government authorities

Board of Directors Advice and Assistance

This is one of the secretary services Singapore that we handle when hired. It involves some key roles which we list below.

  • Drafting board resolution
  • Minutes of board meetings
  • Amendments to the Constitution (Memorandum and Articles of Association)
  • Corporate restructuring and operational transactions and matters

Benefits of Outsourcing to or Partnering With ACE

If you partner with us, we will ensure you have credible company secretary services Singapore. Aside from this, you will have special offers from us from time to time. For instance, we are offering certain of our services to our clients for free. All you need to do is to become one of our clients. This is via hiring us for any of the services we render. You can put a call through to confirm which of our services is free.

Another thing you can do is to go through our website. You will find a lot of helpful information there. Some other services we render are audit and bookkeeping services. Others are human resource, accounting and company registration.

To hire us for your corporate secretariat services Singapore, fill the contact us form on our website. Also, you can send us an email and have one of our agents respond to it.

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