Singapore Offshore Company

Singapore Offshore Company
by acefinancial

To register an offshore company in Singapore, you should get advice from a qualified expert.

Some of the advantages of having an offshore Singapore company are tax benefits, easy administration, light reporting, and less regulated cross-border financial transactions.

A Singapore offshore company is not ideal in all cases. First, you should ensure that you can meet the minimum requirements under local law. These include a minimum of one local resident director and shareholder, the appointment of a local company secretary, among other requirements.

We can help you at all stages of the process. Below are some services that Ace Financial Accounting Pte. Ltd. can offer during offshore company registration, incorporation, and formation.

Offshore Company Registration

To help manage the registration process for your offshore company in Singapore, we will create a simple checklist of the requirements. Then, we will help you cross them off one by one. The checklist includes:

  • Company name approval
  • Directors, including a minimum of one Singapore resident
  • Shareholders, including a minimum of one Singapore resident
  • Appointment of a company secretary
  • Paid up capital requirements
  • Registered address
  • Appointment of incorporation agent

Offshore Company Incorporation

With some basic paperwork, we will register your company at the Singapore company registrar. As part of offshore company incorporation, we can ensure that you get a company incorporation kit, including the company seal, rubber stamp, share certificates, company profile, and certificate of incorporation.

Offshore Company Formation

Finally, we will help you to complete the steps of offshore company formation. This will help you to become a fully operating offshore company in Singapore. This includes the following:

  • Bank account opening
  • Opening your tax file, including the Goods and Services tax
  • Obtaining a business license or permit
  • Ensuring ongoing compliance including year-end accounting and tax filing matters
  • Immigration and work pass applications