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Company Incorporation Singapore

Company Incorporation Singapore
by acefinancial

Whether you are planning to start an online business, or run a business from your home; as long as it is an activity that is carried out on a continuous basis to make a profit, you need to register your business. 

Company Incorporation Singapore | Singapore Company Registration:

Before registering your business, you should first find out about the different businesses structures, and choose one that meets your need.

  1. Sole-Proprietorship  a business owned by one person
  2. Partnership –  business with between 2 and 20 partners
  3. Limited Liability Partnership  a partnership where the liability of each individual partner is generally limited.
  4. Limited Partnership  a partnership with at least 2 partners, one a general partner & the other a limited partner
  5. Company  a legal entity separate & distinct from its directors & shareholders and must at least one director & shareholder.

Our Company Incorporation Package inclusive of:

  • Application of company name for incorporation
  • Advice on the appropriate paid-up capital for the newly-incorporated company
  • Government registration fee
  • Government filing fees for reservation of 1 company name
  • Preparation of share certificates for subscribing shares
  • Set up of minutes book & statutory registers
  • Preparation of Constitution (formerly known as Memorandum & Articles of Association)
  • Purchase of 1 set of Company profile

Once you subscribe our nominee services, we will provide you one-year Corporate Secretarial Services worth of $600.

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Company Incorporation Singapore

Singapore Company Registration

Company Incorporation Singapore

Singapore Company Registration

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