Trademark Registration Service Singapore

Trademark Registration Service Singapore

Trademark Registration Service Singapore

Being the mainstream Trademark Registration Service in Singapore, our ultimate professionalism and decisive legacy towards branding and trademarking services will ensure the fulfillment of guaranteed satisfaction for all of our clients. We are here to guide you in the process of trademark registration in Singapore.

Our business specialists can help disclose the right procedure to enlist a trademark.  Contact us, and our professionals will call you today.

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks are those symbols which are utilized by a business, enterprises or traders to create a separate identity for their products or services.

Trademark Symbols


Advantages of Registering

Lawful Rights

The primary utilization of the trademarked sign is for recognizing purposes which a specific company uses to save its identity in the market mix. It is essential in today’s business environment to giving you supreme rights to empower you and your business.

Quality Assurance

An enlisted trademark is a type of value confirmation to your clients and customers. It will help you make your business excel among your competitors.

Marking and Branding

You can keep your enterprise safe and secure by branding. It keeps other brands away from the illegal utilization of your distinctive product or services. It is the practice to make sure that you are getting the best RIO and value of your money.

Tax Rebates

As an additional benefit, you get up to 400 percent tax discounts from the Singapore Government (under the Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme) to balance costs you acquire for enrolling your trademark.

What we will do

We will file a Trade Mark which will be on your behalf by submitting the application and afterward get a documenting date.

Prerequisites for Filing Trademark Registration in Singapore

You should give us the following:

  1. A Proclamation (that demand for enlistment has been requested)
  2. Name and Address of the Applicant
  3. Clear Graphical Portrayal of the Mark
  4. A Document with Listed of Products and/or Services
  5. Document with the Mentioned Intent of Seeking the Trademark
  6. Trademark Application Charges

So, if you are looking for Trademark Registration Service in Singapore enroll Your Trademark or Logo Today!