Nominee Director Services Singapore

Nominee Director Services Singapore

Looking for a local nominee director for your foreign business? We are the competent candidate that can act and represent as your local nominee director for your Company in Singapore.  We offer best value package and high-quality services.

Nominee Director Services in Singapore

Looking for Nominee Director Services in Singapore?

Singapore Companies Act requires at least one resident director for a Private Limited company.

If your company is 100%, foreign owners. You must appoint a nominee director to fulfil this mandatory requirement of the Companies Act.

Need a third party representative to act as nominee director for your company in Singapore?

Therefore, for commercial or confidentiality reasons, individuals may prefer not to disclose their identity as director in a particular instance.

Hence, a nominee director’s name will appear on all public records relating to the company directorship.

Agreeing to exercise the legislative power grant under the company constitution and to deal with the Company internal management only by the instructions of the actual (‘beneficial’) owner of the company.

We also provide Nominee Shareholder Services.

We will also collect a refundable security deposit of $2,000 from you for the provision of our Nominee Director Service.
The security deposit is refundable upon termination of our Nominee Director Service.

Once you subscribe our nominee services, we will provide you one-year Corporate Secretarial Services worth of $600.

Nominee Director Services in Singapore