Business Licence Singapore

Business Licence Singapore
by acefinancial

Before you register a Singapore company, find out about the type of business licences that the law demands.

Some companies have stricter rules than others. It is best to research all the approvals, permits and business licences before you start your business activities.

In some cases, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) will tell you if a license is required. At other times, the responsibilities are only discovered after the company has started operations. To avoid delays, it is best to research all of the requirements fully before you register.

Ace Financial Accounting (“ACE”) is ready to advise you on all types of Singapore business licenses. Below, we have a list and a quick guide on how to apply for business licenses in Singapore.

Type of Licences in Singapore

Singapore law requires licenses for particular businesses. Below is a list of the main business licenses. This list is not exhaustive. Also, remember that laws are subject to change at any time.

  • Construction Company
  • Employment Agency
  • Event Management Company
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Beverage Business
  • Hotel
  • Private Education
  • Publishing Company
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Retail Shop
  • Spa
  • Shipping Company
  • Telecommunications Company
  • Trading Company
  • Travel Agency
  • Western Medical Clinic

How to Apply for Licence in Singapore

After you have registered your company, the next step is to apply for a business license. Several government agencies issue business licenses. Remember that you may have multiple licensing requirements. Some of the government agencies include:

  • Hotel Licensing Board
  • Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
  • Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura
  • Singapore Police Force

The Singapore Government created an online portal for business licenses, where you can search by keyword, government agency, or business intent. In the portal, you can also amend an existing license, renew an expiring license, or cancel an existing license. If you have questions, there is a hotline and a help desk a click away.

Be fully informed about Singapore law before you start business activities. ACE is your trusted partner to discover all your Singapore business license requirements, ensure compliance with the law, and help you to be successful.