Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Our taxation services also include goods and services tax (“GST”) registration and submission.

Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) in Singapore

GST Registration Singapore – The scope of our GST-related services inclusive of:

  • Providing advice on GST registration requirements.
  • Setting up of procedures for newly registered traders for GST submission.
  • Performing quarterly GST Submission.
  • Attending to tax queries from Comptroller of GST.
  • Rectifying errors or omission of transactions during the pas GST submission.
  • Applying for registration/deregistration for GST.
  • Advising any other GST related issues.


Hence, as a GST-registered business in Singapore, you are required to submit the GST return (i.e. GST Form 5/8) to the Comptroller of GST within one month of the end of your accounting period.  In your return, you need to declare your sale of goods and services to your customers, your purchases from GST registered businesses, the GST collected and GST to be claimed for the relevant accounting periods.

It is compulsory to e-file your GST Form 5 return via IRAS portal under the regulation of GST.   We can provide this service for FREE if you engage our bookkeeping services.

  • Extension of due date for submission of GST Return
  • Correction of errors in GST return
  • Applying for Special Accounting Period/Changing GST Accounting Period.
  • Applying for Special GST Registration (Group registration and Divisional registration)
  • Compulsory/Voluntary Cancellation of GST Registration
  • Others
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