Company Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial Services

We provide comprehensive Corporate Secretarial Services to private companies to assist them in complying with various local regulations with a very economical pricing.

Company Secretarial Services

The Company Secretary is the person appointed to ensure the company maintains compliance with the many statutory requirements.   This includes preparing and filing statutory registers and returns, directors’ reports, board resolutions, minutes of the general meeting.

This includes preparing and filing statutory registers and returns, directors’ reports, board resolutions, minutes of the general meeting.

The company secretary must be appointed within 6 months of setting up your company.

The scope of our Company Secretarial services inclusive of the following:

  • Drafting resolutions of directors to regularise recurring corporate secretarial matters involving changes in officers, opening and closing of bank accounts and changes of bank signatories.
  • Drafting resolutions of directors to regularise the approval of the annual financial report.
  • Preparing prescribed forms in respect of recurring corporate secretarial matters for lodging with the ACRA and liaising with ACRA in the lodgement of the prescribed forms.
  • Notifying you of deadlines for holding annual general meetings.
  • Preparing annual returns and other secretarial documents relating to the holding of annual general meetings.
  • Attending to the statutory auditors on their audit of the statutory registers and minutes books.
  • Maintaining and updating the statutory registers and minute books.
  • Providing general advice on recurring compliance corporate secretarial matters.

From time to time, you may require our services on non-recurring secretarial matters.  Examples of non-recurring secretarial matters inclusive of: 

  • drafting and filing Company Board Resolution and Board meetings.
  • providing advisory services on corporate secretarial matters involving additional issues of shares, transfer of shares, related party transactions, acquisitions and disposals of investments, amendments to the constitution (Memorandum and Articles of Association), Corporate restructuring and operational transactions and matters.
  • special assignments in advising on requirements for Extraordinary General Meetings (“EGM”).
  • assistance with directors’ and shareholders’ meetings such as preparing the notices of meetings for EGM, organising agenda papers and recording minutes of meetings which are stenographic or secretarial in nature.
  • submission of documents and forms with other government authorities.
  • Others

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Corporate Secretarial Services

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